how long do u think it’s gonna be until they find out magic exists and then i’ll be able to buy sex-change potions 

having a gender identity crisis right about now!! lmao cool

i used to rly dislike the word ‘bisexuality’ because of how exclusive it seemed but i feel like i and a lot of other people had the completely wrong idea of what bisexuality means and that it’s not like, reinforcing the gender binary n stuff idk

the fact that one of the biggest reasons i don’t want to tell anybody i know about my sexuality is that i’m afraid they’re going to laugh at me b/c pansexuality is somehow not a real thing is pretty fuckin messed up

i keep makin posts and jokes about being a cis male but idk am i that

i’m not i guess but i still feel like i have no place talking about trans* issues when i’m p. comfortable being male-bodied? kinda?

idk man thinking about this is making me confuse myself maybe im just a dude who likes to wear dresses


i sent one of my really good friends that i used to have a crush on in high school a snapchat and then she sent me one back of a pic of her after a music festival and it was SO CUTE


i gotta stop getting crushes on my real good friends come on dude

thinkin bout smooching makes me sad

anime girls morel ike hot as HELL

girls kissing is pretty good but it would be better if i was one of those girls